Palette [English/Piano Vers.]

Singer: Megurine Luka
Cover: JoyDreamer
Producer: Yuyoyuppe (music, lyrics) // meola (illustration)
Release: 23. April 2009


Quietly I try to laugh

Through the tears that I'm holding back

Colors that I picture flow

From a palette like a rainbow


"Please distinguish me"

Emotions draining from me

Fill me with your paint before

I disappear


"Love you"

A line that melts to drops of beautiful blue

Like gently falling tears

"Thank you"

Ascending like a deeply red melody

Is sweet music to my ears, ah~ah~ah~


"I will be Eraser's mind"


Spinning inside of me in navy

Are revolving memories

As we are drawing just close enough

Our future is

With colors bright


"Love you"

Is painted out in shades of shadowy grey

A joy is filling me

"Thank you"

Falls slowly from my lips and is washed away

By only the purest kiss, ah~ah~ah~

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