Kagerou Days (English Vers.) カゲロウデイズ

Singer: Hatsune Miku
Cover: JubyPhonic
Producer: Shizen no Teki-P (music, lyrics) // Sidu (illust, video)
Release: 30. September 2011


August 15th at 12:30 noon I don't see a cloud above

The sun is shining down, what a pretty day

So sick of this summer heat I can’t beat away the haze

the rays are giving way

And spending all of my time having conversations sitting next to you


"Hey but I...don't really like the summertime"

And as you were petting on that cat you said such a daring thing

right from under your breath


Ah, and as that cat had ran away

You tried to chase it in the end

Jumping right out in front of a

traffic light that poured a shade of red bright red


Crashing in and breaking you to bits

That truck heard a scream a little bit too late

Blood dripping everywhere and choking your smell of hair

I breathe in a gulp of air and just can’t take it

Are these lies? The heat is mocking me

"What you see is exactly what you're gonna get!"

And with the blue of sky I hear singing crickets cry and

fall right back into another dark sleep


Sitting up in my bed I could hear ticking clocks the shock

will mock my ever ringing head

I look to see the time


August 14th at 12 something noon I don't see a cloud above

The sun is shining down

And yet I hear a cry of a cricket singing loudly in my head


”Hey but I...I really have to wonder why

’cause in the dream I had last night we sat in the

same old park we are sitting at now”

"Hey, I think the two of us should leave."

But stepping slightly off the path, their heads turned up to the sky

and were gaping pointing struggling to keep away a scream


Stabbing holes and splitting you in two,

the beam made it seam as it fell straight from the sky

Ringing an old wind chime and shaking a passerby then filling the air

until they hit those park trees

Are these lies? The heat is mocking me

"Bet you wish you were asleep, but it's not a dream!"

Vision it blurred away and keeping my thoughts at bay I swear you stood there while keeping such a dark smile


Endlessly I see that over heated haze

And again the laughing will repeat on through the days

You've been dying for the past ten years

We are trapped in cycles and the end is never clear


But a story is a story all the same

And today like any has an ending so to say

Far away and out beyond that scorching summer day


Crashing in and hitting me instead of you

I pushed you aside to nearly dodge a truck

Blood dripping everywhere and choking my smell of hair

You breathe in a gulp of air and just can’t take it

Are these lies? I haven't heard him say

"What you see is exactly what your gonna get"

Maybe this summer day has finally gone away

But that's all I'll say so this is where it ends now


August 14th and sitting alone on a bed a girl awakes repeating just the same

Muttering again


"Guess I failed again..." as she sat all alone

and held a cat still cradled in her arms

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