Aimai Elegy (English Vers.) 愛迷エレジー

Singer: Hatsune Miku
Cover: Neko & Nano
Producer: DECO*27 (music) // akka, mirto, yuma saito (movie) 
Release: 18. December 2013


Orig. Nico Video


2011年06月22日 00:32 投稿

原曲:愛迷エレジー feat. marina




ナノ mylist/18170963


neko mylist/4461034







There you were, looking so unsure

a bitter laugh as you wiped your tears

Lost again, you were lost again

I wonder what you find amusing


Probably, wouldn't you agree

I would say I'm the one to blame

Tell me now, could you tell me now

the words inside my head go 'round and 'round


Go 'round and 'round


Save me now, would you save me now


Had enough of this hide and seek

wring my heart like a dirty rag

the fear inside is taking over


Everything feels so threatening

trembling as I try to breathe

A sad demise, I will close my eyes

watch me fall


'Cause what I feared the most was drowning in too deep

I don't know how to swim in this insanity

And the words you speak keep washing over me

as I keep struggling to try and stay alive


Stay alive


I found a way I could run away

Soundlessly I would whisper "sorry"

"No regrets, I have no regrets"

excuses just keep piling up


Another step, take another step

with each step you will fall away

Remembering all the memories

and watching as they break to pieces


Fake, a game of love and hate,

I'll give and you will take

take away the air I breathe


But wait, it could be a mistake,

or is it really fate

is it always once or the other?


Dive, a dive into your mind

together we will find

and erase away your sadness


Now, before you stop your breath

I wish that you would stop the time


If I could take away all the tears you cry

I won't hesitate to be your sacrifice

And if you lose your mind to the pain inside

then I would bleed for you, I would pay the price


But in this crazy world where everything's a lie

and you are all alone with no where left to go

then I would pray for you, right by your side


This I promise you until the day we die so close your eyes

This is our elegy


This is our elegy

This is our elegy

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