Cristina Vee

Name: Cristina "Vee" Valenzuela

On YouTube since: 04.08.2008

Lives in: the U.S.A

Works as: an Voice Over Artist, Singer




Christina Vee describes herself as a "fangirl with a great passion for singing, voice acting and audio engineering".

As already mentioned: She's a voice actress (> "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" as the main character, "Rozen Maiden" as Kanaria, "The Familiar or Zero" as Louise, "Aika R-16" as Aika, "Kannazuki no Miko", "Hare + Guu", "The Blade of Immortal (Machi)", etc.).

She has also voices in video games, for example "Luminous Arc 2", "Rune Factory Frontier", "Avalon Code", "Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers", "BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger" and "Sakura Wars: So Lon, My Love".

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