Are you the vocalist?

• No, I'm not. The singers are mostly from NND and YouTube; or simply VOCALOIDs.


What programs do you use?

• [Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8.0b]

• Sony Vegas HD Platinum 11

• Aegisub [+ AVI ReComp]

• PhotoScape

• GIMP 2

• [Photoshop C5]

Sony Vegas HD Platinum 11
Sony Vegas HD Platinum 11


Do you accept suggestions?

• Yes, I do. Just send them to me via YouTube PM, Skype, E-Mail, Facebook or GuestBook entry.

But if I don't like the song, can't fand Kanji/Romanji lyrics or dont' have enough time, I won't make a video.

*EDIT: I'm currently in an apprenticeship.


Are you male or female? And how old are you?

• 20 y/o, female, from Germany.


How long does it take to make a video?

• 1 to 4 hours. Depends on the song. [Uploading takes extra time!]